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Magento Edit Category Issue In Admin After Updating

Hi Friend's

When you update magento version and everything is working fine and as expected but the catalog/category. when you not able to edit/delete categories from Admin Panel and check your ajax request in console.

The Console details are as follow:

URL being hit each time I click on category name:

Get Params:

isAjax : true

q : index.php/admin/catalog_category/index/key/bdf7b2cc9b890b6cb7e687a31bc7c35c/id/7/

POST Params:

active_tab_id : category_info_tabs_group_4

form_key : FeUR7dFe2MutCtcB

And This always bring a blank category form.


Copy /app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Url.php

to /app/code/local/Mage/Core/Model/Url.php

an change line number around 1016 in magento 1.9 another search "if ($query)"

if ($query) {
    $mark = (strpos($url, '?') === false) ? '?' : ($escapeQuery ? '&amp;' : '&');
    $url .= $mark . $query;
To replace
//if ($query) {
if ($query && strpos($query, 'catalog_category') === false ) {
    $mark = (strpos($url, '?') === false) ? '?' : ($escapeQuery ? '&amp;' : '&');
    $url .= $mark . $query;

Now Flush Magento Cache and refresh page

Hope this information is helpful to you :)
Read more : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11809272/cannot-edit-categories-in-magento-after-updating-to-1-7


  1. Thank's man Its awsum... Cheersss!!!! :) :)

  2. Hi Vithal i tried this it does not work can you pleas tell me in step by step thanks

  3. nice buddy its working hurrrrrrrrreeeyey

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