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Magento How to display color options in product listing page(category page)

Hi Friends,

Many color swatch extensions are available in magento-connect but most of them are Paid and costly. So, I have created a simple Color Switcher extension.
For this, I have used color attribute  you have to add more color and display it in under product listing page . See below Screenshots
This page is default listing page with color switche
when user select color in switcher that time change product default image
and when user click product that time open product view page and drop down auto selected color display (user selected color in product listing page)

this extension completed run in magento 1.7 and i have not check any another version you have check and type your COMMENT It's very importune

you have Download extension This link : https://sites.google.com/site/magebug/home/download/Product-Options.zip?attredirects=0&d=1

Enjoy :)



  1. Hello, the tutorial is great. But is it possible to add a picture instead of just color for configurable products? Currently I use an extension for that (http://amasty.com/color-swatches-pro.html)

  2. Hi.. How do i install and use it.. Please help.

  3. hi
    gr8 work
    can u give me the complete code of your own color switcher extension.

  4. Hi vithal,

    It's nice tutorial and good work as well, I am having a requirement to add size of configurable products as well..
    how can it be done?? need help!!

  5. This facility is inbuilt provided In Magento Please see http://www.venustheme.com/configurable-swatches-guide-for-magento-1-9-1/

    1. Hello Praful Rajput.

      This post might be helpful for the lower versions (from 1.9).

  6. i try ur extension why i try few methods for my store

  7. hey vithal bariya, thank u :D