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Magento product list AJAX scroll (Infinite Ajax Scroll, a jQuery plugin)


  • Infinite scrolling increases usability for you visitors, by removing an extra click
  • Increase average time spent on your website by visitors
  • Graceful degration for browsers without JavaScript
  • Allows for multiple instances, like for posts and comments
  • Easy to implement
  • Clearly coded and well documented
  • Similar technique as seen on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and many more…
For more information about the plugin, like installation instructions, requirements, issues etc. check out Infinite Ajax Scroll on Github.


  1. It needs to be customized per project. You can try out Continuous Paging Scroller magento extensions from xthemers.com. The extension has infinite scroller js file beautified / uncompressed version which can be duplicated easily in your case. So, you can modify it with a little knowledge of javascript.

    Infinite AJAX scroller extension for your magento store. It is used for all modules which has pager class included.

    Extension URL : http://www.xthemers.com/magento-themes-extensions/magento-extensions/continuous-paging-scroller.html

    Their support is too good! they do offer you coupon code to give further 10% discount. Just initiate chat with their support and extension will go more cheaper for you.

  2. Thanks for suggestion nice extension.